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The AS Launch Diagnostic Scanner X431 XPRO 5 Car Scanner Tool provides comprehensive functionality and an extensive range of diagnostic capabilities. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year full activation for various car brands.

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Key Features:

Full Internet Upgradability:
The scanner offers complete Internet upgradability at any time, ensuring the most current features and performance enhancements.

1-Year PRO Subscription:
Includes access to 260+ brands, 36+ resets, special functions downloads, and updates, along with Haynes Pro subscription. The subscription can be extended upon expiration.

Bluetooth VCI Connectivity:
The Launch EOBD2 TKD07 Car Scanner Tool employs Bluetooth VCI technology, enhancing flexibility and ease of use.

Comprehensive Vehicle Coverage:
Covers a wide array of vehicle makes and models, including those from the USA, Europe, Asia, and China.

Live Updates and Real-time Data:
Provides 1 year of live updates, akin to the Launch X431, allowing users to access live data, graphs, resets, coding, injector code writing, DPF regenerations, mileage corrections, key coding, BSI programming, ABS, SRS coding adaptations, and more.

Online Technical Support:
Offers 12 months of online updates and technical support as part of the package.

Major Diagnostic Functions:

Read Fault Code
Clear Fault Code
Freeze Frame
MIL Light
Full OBD Data Stream
I/M Readiness
O2 Sensor Test
Vehicle Information
Real-time Data Stream
EVAP System Test
On-board Monitoring
ABS Bleeding
Engine Oil Lamp Reset
Battery Matching
Sunroof Initialization
Throttle Adaptation
Tire Pressure Reset
DPF Regeneration
Brake Pad Reset
Steering Angle Reset
Immobilizer Matching
Injector Coding
Additional Functions Include:

Brake Reset
Oil Reset
SAS Reset
Battery Reset
ABS Air Release (Bleeding)
Electronic Throttle Droplet Sensor Reset
TPMS Sensor Reset
DPF Regeneration
Adaptive Headlights Setting
Crankshaft Sensor Learning
Automatic Box Adaptation
Key Writing Functions
Injector Coding
Odometer Calibration
Hatch Adaptation
Air Suspension Control Function
EGR Reset Adaptation
The diagnostic systems supported encompass a broad range, including but not limited to Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor, Air Pressure Monitor, Auto Slide Door, Automatic Speed Control Device, Intelligent Cruise Control, Lane Cameras, Parking Assist, Traction Control System, Transmission Control Module, and Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians.

This professional tool provides comprehensive coverage for an extensive list of vehicle brands, making it a valuable asset in the realm of vehicle diagnostics and maintenance. Please note that this is a genuine professional tool with 12 months of updates to the official server.

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