LAUNCH X431 TSGUN TPMS Tire Pressure Detector, Activate/Relearn/Program Sensors,TPMS Diagnostic Tool Work with X431 V/V+/PRO3S+/PAD V/PAD II


The X-431 TSGUN stands as a professional TPMS module, seamlessly integrating sensor activation, reading, programming, and teach-in functionalities. This module adeptly gathers essential tire data, including pressure and temperature, by intercepting signals of varied frequencies. Remarkably portable, cost-effective, and exceptionally powerful, the X-431 TSGUN is a vital TPMS tool. Its design is strategically geared to augment the capabilities of X-431 diagnostic tools, thereby unlocking new functionalities and revenue streams for X-431 users.

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The X-431 TSGUN, designed for utmost convenience in portability and ease of operation, exclusively interfaces with LAUNCH X-431 diagnostic devices, presenting a comprehensive solution for tire pressure monitoring systems.

Key Features:

1.77-Inch Color Screen: A vivid display for enhanced readability and clarity.

Real-Time Tire Metrics: Instantaneous reading of tire pressure, tire temperature, and battery status.

Tire Pressure Fault Diagnosis: Ability to diagnose tire pressure faults, encompassing DTC reading and clearing.

Sensor Activation and Matching: Capable of activating and matching sensors at both 315MHz and 433MHz frequencies.

Efficient Sensor Data Handling: Facilitates rapid reading, copying, and writing of sensor IDs.

Sensor Reprogramming: Allows for reprogramming of LAUNCH sensors, offering unlimited reprogramming cycles.

Built-in Learning Instructions: Inclusion of tire pressure learning instructions within the device for simplified operation.

Wide Vehicle Coverage: Covers 98% of global vehicles equipped with tire pressure systems.

Compatibility with Launch LTR01-FR Sensor: Supports Launch LTR01-FR Sensor at 315 MHz and 433 MHz.

The Launch X431 TSGUN enables streamlined sensor data programming for Launch Sensors, resulting in cost and time savings. Sensor programming is limited to Launch Sensors (315/433MHz) and can be done using Auto Create or Manual Input modes. It is important to note that the TSGUN can specifically program Launch LTR01-FR Sensor only and does not program other sensors (315MHz & 433MHz – to be purchased separately).

Programming Modes for Launch Scanner:

Auto Create: Allows users to generate the sensor ID with a simple click of the auto button.

Manual Input: Supports manual input of the original or alternative sensor IDs.

Copy by OBD: Requires an OBD cable connection to retrieve the sensor ID from the ECU.

Copy by Activation: Involves the activation of the original sensors as a prerequisite.

Important Notes:

The diagnostic tool must be a Launch-specific scanner equipped with the TPMS module.
A stable communication link must be established between the X431 TSGUN and the diagnostic tool.
Available TPMS functions may vary depending on the specific vehicle.
Different methods may apply when activating certain special TPMS sensors.
Compatible Product List:

X431 TSGUN is compatible with the following diagnostic tools within the Launch family:

Pros Series:

X431 Pro
X431 Pro3
X431 Pro5
PAD Series:

X431 PAD V
Please note that more products may be included to support this feature due to ongoing enhancements. We retain the right to modify the above list without prior notice as we continue to improve our offerings.

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